V1 Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller Kit (Trade Promo)


Incorporates a larger LCD display with 4 lines. Monitors up to three meat temperatures without the need for Y-cables. Each probe has a 6-foot cable and connects to the controller with a straight audio plug. Probes will be packaged with a cable organizer. The controller’s display can be comfortably viewed when on a table or counter or when mounted on a vertical surface. Includes magnet in the base for mounting without fasteners. Firmware and mobile app features same as FB300 and FB400.

Kit Includes: WiFi controller with V1 blower with 90 degree connector, grill adapters, (1) high temperature meat probe, (1) high temperature pit probe, (2) probe cord organizers, and power supply.

A terrific value! Receive $100 off coupon code for this product when you trade in your FB200 or FB300. 

Differences between V1 500 Kit and FB-500 Kit:

  • V1 blower have 90 degree power connect plugs.
  • V1 Universal blower 15 CFM vs 21 CFM.
  • Universal adapter kit fits V1 blower only.

All new stock. All carry the same Flame Boss warranty.

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